Lab Facilities


Our labs are located in the basement of the FXB building, including 3 rooms (B210, B222 and B237) and 1 shared room (B211). Here we have special equipment and facilities for material processing, fabrication, characterization and testing. The following list shows the main equipment that we have in our lab.

Universal Testing Frame (Instron 5982)

Hot Press (Carver)

Customized 3D Printer (AGS1500, Aerotech Inc.)

Thermal Analyzer (Q600, TA Instruments)

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (Q800, TA Instruments)

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Q2000, TA Instruments)

Fourier-transform Infrared Spectrometer (Nicolet iS50, Thermo Scientific)

Atomic Force Microscope (XE-70, Park System)

Direct Metal Laser Sintering 3D Printer (M100, EOS)

Mill & Drill (Tormach 1100)

Shaker (LDS V408, Brüel & Kjaer)

Optical Microscope (AZ100, Nikon)

Glove Box (Unilab, MBRAUN)

Laser Cutter (Zing 16, Epilog)

Freeze Dryer (FreeZone, Labconco)