Aerospace Materials Laboratory

Delicate wires extending from carbon fiber at the microscopic scaleCilium-like fibers protruding from a carbon fiber cylinder at microscopic scaleWispy white aramid fibers at the nanoscaleKevlar being punctured with a machineMaterial being mechanically testedGraphene shown at a micrometer scaleBlock M logo etched into graphene at a microscopic scaleBlock M logo shown at a microscopic scaleOrange polymer in the shape of a block M logoPrecipitation Printed Structures

Welcome to AML

Aerospace Materials Laboratory (AML) at University of Michigan is a research laboratory focused on the development and application of high performance polymers, composites and multifunctional materials. This lab provides a cultivating atmosphere for which research professionals, academia, graduate and undergraduate students can collaborate on the solution to modern technological problems through material systems.

Lab News

Congratulations to Dr. Hyun Chan Kim on his new faculty position at Kumoh National Institute of Technology (South Korea)!

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